Endorsed Workshop Rules

OPAS Endorsed Events

If you are a member and run art workshops, give art lessons or run art retreats, OPAS will endorse your event, if it meets the following criteria:

  1. The event is plein air, or can be applied to plein air.
  2. OPAS determines that the event will be of value to members.
  3. OPAS members get a significant general discount, not regularly available to the public, on the event fee.

The Board determines if the event is of potential value to members, and if the discount offered is "significant" enough. (A 50% discount off a $20 event is significant, a 10% discount off a $400 event is significant. Whereas, a 10% discount off a $100 event is not significant.)

Endorsed events "ads" run in the upper left column of the homepage for the three months leading up to the event. How often they are seen in that time depends upon how many other ads run at the same time. Which ad is seen at any time is random. Each time the homepage is reloaded, a new ad appears. Endorsed events also run in the OPAS Events page, and therefore show up in the coming Events listings on the front page.

To have your event endorsed, send a description of it, including your proposed member discount to the OPAS Board by clicking here.

Regular Advertising

Businesses, including member-owned businesses, that wish to run ads in the ad space at the bottom of the pages, pay $250 in exchange for three months advertising on our website. Such ads will only appear, in rotation, in the clearly marked area at the bottom of each page marked as ad space. (Unless there is an ad in it, it remains invisible.) To place an ad, contact the president.

Member Event Posting

Individual members may promote their classes, retreats, workshops, supplies, etc. through Forum announcements and Member Event postings without needing to meet the requirements of endorsement. These announcements should be tasteful and without exaggeration. To post a member event, go to this page and Add an event.

The Board is the final arbiter of what an acceptable announcement for the Member Event page.

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